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PSA Jobs Success Stories

Here are just a few of the hundreds of unsolicited comments, testimonials and success stories from our PSA diploma students who have taken the e-learn course. As a result of taking the course, each of these students has gained a huge advantage in securing jobs at airports throughout th world. 

Working in Airports is one of the most interesting and challenging jobs that I often dream of.
So I looked for airport services training like the PSA Diploma.
It was hard to find such classroom training that will fit my busy schedules of work and other activities, that is why I am so grateful to PSA Diploma e-learning option! What I love about it is that
I was able to complete my training at my own pace with enjoyment! All learning modules are clear, easy to understand and rich in 'only essential' knowledge and information, in a user-friendly portal. All these in a very cheap price!
So I highly recommend this course to all people like me who are thinking of avancing their career as Passenger Service Agent!
'Thank you so much PSADiploma.com for this kind of training.
It has equipped me with new knowledge and skills, and expanded my career options!


Jonardo - Dubai


I would kindly like to deliver a massive thank you to all the PSA course organizers, who have put in their hard work in order place this fantastic awe-inspiring opportunity to people out there. The course was well structured appointed to high standards and simple to follow.

I would recommend anyone reading this message please take this opportunity, i have seen courses as such for 300 plus and 74.99 is an unmissable opportunity. words cannot express the gratitude i am feeling for what the PSA team have done for me.

I really appreciate your willingness and thoughtfulness. I am overwhelmed "Thank you so much".

Moh Adnan. UK



 I would like to say a massive thank you for the PSA course organisers, and for the possibility to participate in it. I have really enjoyed the course, it was absolutely thematically built-up, easy to follow and to fulfill all the expectations and test questions. I never and ever had that feeling to study something only for a must, that was incredibly enjoyable, interesting, and I really loved that. I can honestly recommend to everyone to start it, and to see how awesome and funny the studies can be. Also for foreign students I can massively suggest to have that certification, I am a 100% proof of it being a native Hungarian girl, but speaking and studying all the time in  English. Thank you PSA, I am really appreciated.                    

Erika Marton. 




I found the PSA Diploma course one of the most interesting courses that i
have undertaken. I was able to do this course in my own time , Staff were
available to answer any queries that I may of had . Work was set out into
units, each unit providing all you needed to understand the subject matter.
Test units were multiple choice which enabled you to recount the units you
had learnt. Brilliant course and I highly recommend this course who may to
anyone who is interested in becoming a Passenger Service Assistant.

Sharon Nicol





I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course, very informative and well presented.  Looking forward to putting what i've learned to practice! Once again compliments to you and your team for a job well done!!
Many thanks for all your help and assistance every step of the way.
Kind regards,
Veronique - South Africa

It made a real difference at my interview and gave me the edge I needed. I was able to discuss the job and the industry confidently and knowledgeably. R Fitzpatrick


My PSA Diploma certificate definitely impressed the recruiter and was a great talking point!

Don Swanepoel
South Africa


The course was a very useful one. The information I learned was vital for getting a job and official communication through the phone in genaral daily needs .

I once again am thanking you for the time you took with me.

kind regards

Sugathan. k. ramankunji


The PSA course I found interesting, challenging and enjotable. All in all I am pleased I have added the qualification to my portfolio.

Evelyn, UK

I have not even one bad thing to say about this course, the PSADiploma course was very interesting and it help me to understand what is expected of me working at an airport. 

I did not know so much about passenger service agents and what to expect but after this course I am fully aware of what is being expected of me working as a PSA.   

The course material is easy to read, easy to understand and very well presented. I would recommend the PSADiploma Course to everyone who is serious about getting airport jobs.

Thank you very much Team for such a wonderful course!

David Preston


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